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TextFiles Search Engine

Search Engine using Java

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The TextFiles Search Engine is an ambitious project undertaken as part of my coursework with JetBrains Academy. This Java-based software offers a potent and efficient search functionality for text files, implementing advanced search algorithms to deliver relevant results promptly. The aim was to create a robust and user-friendly tool capable of scanning, indexing, and searching large volumes of text files.

Development Process

The project was built with Java due to its robustness, ease of debugging, and the powerful set of libraries it provides. The JetBrains suite of tools was instrumental in effectively coding, testing, and debugging the application.

Key Features

  1. Source and Target Implementation: This search engine enables users to specify a 'source' directory containing the text files and a 'target' search term or phrase.
  2. Advanced Search Algorithms: The application implements advanced search algorithms, including exact phrase matching, proximity search, and Boolean operators. This allows users to perform complex queries and retrieve highly relevant results.
  3. Inverted Indexing: An inverted index data structure was used to store the text files' information, which improves the search performance significantly, especially for large volumes of data.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: The search engine features a simple and intuitive command-line interface, making it accessible even to non-technical users.

Challenges Faced

During the development process, one of the significant challenges faced was the efficient handling of large volumes of text files. Inverted indexing was a critical technique implemented to address this, ensuring quick retrieval of relevant data without consuming excessive memory.

Additionally, implementing advanced search algorithms required a thorough understanding of data structures and algorithms. Regular expression (regex) was used extensively for pattern matching, making the task more manageable.

Results & Takeaways

The TextFiles Search Engine project was a rigorous exercise in applying theoretical knowledge to a practical task. The successful implementation of advanced search algorithms provided valuable insights into how search engines function.

Creating this application sharpened my skills in Java programming, problem-solving, and understanding the working of search engines in-depth. It has been a valuable addition to my portfolio at JetBrains Academy, demonstrating my ability to create complex, functional software from scratch.

Overall, this project was an exciting journey from its conceptualization to its final realization, reinforcing my passion for tackling challenging tasks in software development.