Adam Kareen | Software Developer

A little bit more about me

How I Started As A Developer

I am at the final stretch of studying Computer Science at University and whilst I have enjoyed some of my classes I have kept software from becoming a chore by building out my own functionality almost everyday.

I can't speak highly enough about MIT OpenCourseWare for providing the university learning experience that Australian universities are sadly lacking in.

Whilst I dream of making my own fully secure mobile operating system one day I am currently focused on building out my data science knowledge and skills in ways I find most enjoyable. I have created the largest repository of AFL data on GitHub and I am working every day on expanding that data. Once I have collected play-by-play and GPS data I aim to apply quantitative models to analyse the sport.

My path as a developer

My passion for software arose with building out my first applications with Java, a language I still love using until today. My first project was an auto trader for Magic the Gathering Online, for a teenager being able to make $20 a week was incredible and seeing my collections of cards grow just by making small spreads on buying and selling was when I started loving computers for what I could produce just as much as I loved them for what I could consume on them. I was drawn to the elegance of systems, the art of coding, and the very dynamic ups and downs of problem-solving. From then on each line I wrote and every bug I fixed were all a part of a never-ending challenge that brought an unparalleled sense of fulfilment.

My First Website Design
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Learn about me and my skillset

My key technical skills
Mobile Dev
Key Professional SKills
Rapid Problem-Solving
Engaged Team Player
Effective Communication
Creative Strategies
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Education & credentials

University of Sydney
Mar 2021 - Nov 2024

Bachelor of Science

Computer Science Major
Software Development Minor

More about my uni experience

My personal uni projects are on my active GitHub page and some of them are posted here.

I am involved in the The Sydney Computing Society as well as the Google Student Developer Club

DeC 2022

JetBrains Academy Java Track

This track began with making simple console based applications and progress into independently creating large complex GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces)

171-hour track | 9 Large Projects Completed

NOV 2022

JetBrains Academy Python Track

This was an invaluable source for me as I began to confidently read and write Python code like a budding bilingual.

138-hour track | 6 Large Projects Completed

/ My Experience

Diverse experiences across industries

Quant Engineer Intern

Feb 2024
Jun 2024

Global Markets Summer Analyst

• Created a comprehensive platform for digital origination that was the sole intern project presented to the Institutional Banking & Markets Leadership Team. This is now being built to production standards by the Modelling team.
• Highest performance in the internship long Bloomberg FX Spot Trading game. 80%-win rate on trades with 86% CAGR.

Nov 2023
Feb 2024

Software Developer Intern

• Spearheaded independent as well as team based full-stack initiatives, crafting robust and beautiful applications from front-end interfaces to back-end infrastructures.
• Partnered with multiple teams, converting complex evolving requirements into scalable software solutions.

Jul 2023
Oct 2023

GitHub Campus Expert

As I have been chosen to be one of only five Campus Experts in Australia, I am actively working to foster a strong and inclusive techcommunity within local Universities, serving as a liason between GitHub and my University.

Apr 2023

EarthStor - Founder

• Led the product design and manufacturing of Australia’s first compostable Bamboo lunch box.
• Varied duties including web design, eCommerce, marketing, and business administration.
• Managed transactions through B2B and B2C channels averaging of 3,000 customer orders per month