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To get in touch with me you can reach me directly via email at me@akareen.com.
Alternatively you can contact me by phone at +61 466628938.
For more ways to connect, check out my social media platforms listed below. I look forward to hearing from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking a new full time role?

Absolutely, I am open to all new opportunities and challenges that can contribute to my growth and development. While I am currently focusing on part-time roles and internships that complement my academic schedule, I will be graduating in November 2024 and am very interested in exploring full-time roles thereafter. I am eager to apply my knowledge and skills in a real-world context and am open to a wide range of possibilities that can offer an exciting career trajectory. I believe that engaging in meaningful work can provide invaluable experience and significantly contribute to my professional growth, which is why I am flexible and enthusiastic about the future.

Are you open to part-time roles or internships?

Yes, I am open to part-time roles and internships that can complement my academic pursuits and enhance my practical experience.

Are you interested in international roles?

Certainly! I have a strong interest in looking into opportunities outside of Australia, with a particular emphasis on positions based in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the larger region of Western Europe. I have an advantage because of my Australian citizenship—it's simple for me to get work visas with few requirements and quick approval in North America and Europe. This privilege not only enables me to easily transition into international roles, but it also motivates me to engage with the larger tech community, broadening my perspectives and deepening my understanding of the world.

How many years of experience do you have?

In the dynamic field of software development, I have spent a rewarding three years honing my skills and tackling an array of complex and challenging tasks. Each project has been a stepping stone, contributing to my holistic understanding of the software landscape, and enabling me to build comprehensive and innovative solutions.

What are your future career aspirations

My aspirations for the future are varied and exciting as a motivated computer science professional. My interest in software development continues to grow, as I leverage my strong command of various programming languages to engineer innovative and transformative solutions. I envision myself managing challenging tech initiatives for significant corporations, where I could significantly alter the technological environment.

At the same time, the startup environment's allure beckons. I find the flexibility, novelty, and opportunity to build significant change fascinating. I am eager to embark on the adventure of fostering an idea from its inception to a fully realised, successful business in this dynamic ecosystem.

In addition, the venture capital industry offers an intriguing intersection of finance and technology. My goals go beyond just being a software developer. In order to mentor and empower the tech disruptors of the future, I want to delve into the strategic aspects of venture capital. Due to the convergence of my roles, I would be in a unique position to influence the development of the technology sector as a whole. I'm only beginning my journey in the world of technology, and I'm looking forwards to the many directions it might take me.