Adam Kareen | Software Developer

Hi I’m Adam,
a Software Developer

Creating something out of nothing is where all the fun lies. I split my time between running, building, problem-solving, and learning new tech.

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About me

My expertise lies in software development across the web, desktop and mobile. I enjoy the complexity of modelling financial products in code and analysing difficult datasets.

My work

My personal and academic projects showcase enthusiasm for clean, efficient, reusable and maintainable code.

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/ About me

Why I picked this field

Whilst I know how to "mix my own pigments" my passion lies in taking an idea from my mind and painting it on the canvas. Whether it is creating and exploring datasets, building applications, designing websites or even just some theory grinding you'll find me at home in my text editor.

Main Programming Languages
Successful Projects

Learning Assembly was my favourite part of my degree as it allowed me to create a mental bridge between my code and the computer.
Alongside a variety of other secondary languages I also possess a distinct blend of professional skills - organisation, problem-solving, creativity, and effective communication.

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What's in the toolbox?

My key technical skills
Mobile Dev
Key Professional SKills
Rapid Problem-Solving
Engaged Team Player
Effective Communication
Creative Strategies